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back now with more of today on this friday morning, the 9th of november, 2012. we have a sunny but chilly start to the weekend here in the northeast. we're in rockefeller plaza. a lot of folks sticking around even ough, sadly, taylor lautner is gone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist in for matt and al roker. you're going coatless now. >> the brotherhood of the foolish out here. >> you guys are bonding. getting ready for willie joining the 9:00 hour. coming up we'll have a rare glimpse at the emotional side of president obama. he was thanking campaign
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staffers the other night and teerd up. this is the second time in a couple weeks. we'll talk about that. obviously the campaigns are a long slog for both candidates. you can see why they get emotional. we'll talk about that on our take three. also, black friday right around the corner, the thanksgiving holiday. black friday a good shopping day. >> yes. >> what about black thursday? >> i know. aka thanksgiving. a lot of retailers are starting -- >> how about changing the name? how about green? >> green thursday. green for money which the retailers are starting to open some of them on thursday. what do you think about that? we'll talk about it coming up. >> on thanksgiving. >> you don't have to wait until thanksgiving night to get these big deals because we've got jill martin of course with her steals and deals exclusive offers more than 75% off with jill in just a few minutes. not to be outdone barbara corcoran has some steals and deals when it comes to real estate. we are going to show you some of the greatest deals out there from a traditional brick home in georgia to a home on two acres in hawaii. book it, dano. >> there you go.
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>> love that. but first let's check the day's top stories. natalie morales is over at the news desk. good morning, everyone. it is back to work for president obama today as he addresses congress about the fiscal cliff. these are tax increases and automatic spending cuts slated to slam the economy back into a possible recession in january if the house and senate don't intervene. partisan politics have gotten in the way on the issue as republicans refuse to hike tax rates on wealthy americans. the president is expected to urge congress to come together to extend bush era tax cuts for all but the nation's highest earners. the gunman convicted of wounding congresswoman gabrielle giffords in tucson, arizona has now been sentenced to life in prison without parole. giffords stood by her husband's side as the retired astronaut mark kelly confronted shooter jared loughner and told him he couldn't kill the congresswoman's spirit. loughner had agreed to a plea deal earlier to avoid the death penalty. his january, 2011 rampage killed six people and left 13 others
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including giffords wounded. chrysler is recalling 745,000 jeep suvs in the united states. the company says it needs to fix a part that can cause the air bags to deploy inadvertently. the recall covers jeep grand cherokee and liberty suvs from model years 2002 through 2004. now to an amazing survival story as a tennessee teenager is finally home after being trapped in a ravine for three days. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in huntsville, alabama with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bruised and battered this teenager survived for three days by drinking the rain water from his broken headlight. he spent several days recovering in this hospital and now he is finally safe at home. as he left huntsville hospital, in a wheelchair, surrounded by his family, tyler campbell couldn't help but smile. >> blessed.
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thank god. seriously. that's all i can do is thank him. >> reporter: his ordeal began saturday night when the 19-year-old left the church event and told his family he was stopping by a friend's house a he promised to be home by midnight. but -- >> sunday morning he wasn't home and, you know, time kept going by and mom and i were real upset. dad went out looking. >> reporter: relatives and search crews retraced campbell's route home. >> all i could think about was how -- where i could find him and how i wasn't going to stop until we did find him. >> reporter: they didn't know it but he had fallen asleep at the wheel on i-65 near the tennessee/alabama border. his truck veered and tumbled 30 feet into a ravine. >> all i remember is hitting the sign and i blacked out after that. i woke up and my leg was dangling and i was outside the truck. >> reporter: the crash broke his leg and shoulder but he crawled from the wreckage and tried climbing up the muddy embankment. >> i got halfway up and slid back down. >> reporter: hours passed and in
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the cold he grew desperate but determined. even drinking rain water out of his broken headlight. >> it was nasty but it was better than dying. >> reporter: all along, he prayed. at one point he saw a rescue helicopter shine a light near his truck but move on. >> i said, well, ain't no hope for tyler campbell. i gave up just about then. >> reporter: by tuesday afternoon, time was running out until one last effort. >> i didn't even plan on making it up the hill tuesday but something kept on telling me, keep pushing forward. keep pushing forward. and i did. >> reporter: a driver spotted him. first responders rushed in. and his family got the news they'd been hoping for. >> same old brothers. you know? arguing, fighting, back to that regular. even though we're still going to have our differences i'm glad i got a brother back. >> reporter: a brother who after surviving three days of agony --
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>> he's out. >> reporter: has earned a nap. and he is resting now back home in tennessee. first responders say this is among the most amazing things they've ever seen. natalie, what a story of determination and faith. >> truly, absolutely. gabe gutierrez, thanks so much. mark wahlberg transform and roll out. in the upcoming film the 41-year-old is set to take over the starring role. "transformers iv" is slated for release in summer of 2014. and you love smelling good but find putting on deoderant takes up way too much of your day? well, then, thank goodness. there is edible deoderant. >> what? >> you heard it right. >> come on. >> deo perfume candy claims it can make a 145-pound person smell just like roses for up to six hours. it's available online and cut hit shelves in the u.s. soon. i know what we're getting al
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roker for christmas. >> that is the height of laziness. >> please. right? edible -- eat your arm pits afterwards? >> i'm so busy i don't have five seconds. i just don't have the time. sorry, colleagues. >> wow. >> some people would call eating deoderant insanity. institutionalize you. >> isn't it the same amount of time, the eating of the deode ranlt, putting it on? >> i don't have time to clean the kitchen. i'm going to drink some floor wax. let's show you what's going on. look at this. a big storm system making its way out of the plains and it is bringing a lot of snow. blizzard-like conditions we're talking. i mean blizzard warnings. we've got blizzard watches, winter storm warnings, snow advisories from california all the way to northern minnesota. and snowfall amounts. we are talking anywhere from 6 to 18 inches of snow from nevada all the way on up into northern >> good morning. we are looking forward to a
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nice, quiet weekend. we expect mostly sunny skies. >> that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. we're still trying to recover from the edible deode ranlt. may be a long time. >> i want to taste it. >> we'll try a few others in today's take three and give you our take on some stories that caught our attention. maybe you saw this video this morning. the obama campaign released it. president obama talking to his staff and his volunteers in chicago the day after the election. >> i felt that the work that i had done, um, in running for office had come full circle.
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because what you guys have done means that the work that i'm doing is important. >> you know, these campaigns are so long. savannah, you covered one last time around. mitt romney declared his candidacy in june of 2011. so 17 months of campaigning. same goes for the president. it's going to come pouring out at the end win or lose. >> the emotion and all of that. the tears. >> what is rare is we've seen it, now we see the video. >> this is the second time in like two weeks. >> but both these candidates no matter what your political persuasion, they put their hearts into these campaigns as do the people that work on them and the reporters who cover them. they believe it and they care about this country and i think we can all sympathize with that having gone through it and then kind of having that emotional release and i'm sure both sides are feeling that and the people that work with them. >> there was a story about that in the "new york times" with mitt romney that the next morning he had a breakfast and he broke down, too. you can understand why. it's just -- you put search of
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your life and effort and so much of your capital of your family into this as well. >> and seeing how many people, the volunteers and staffers who really take on the cause and i think, you know, it's good to see that emotion. >> i think it's fine. >> if it becomes an occurrence we see over and over again like john boehner, the house speaker, you know, then -- i'm a cryer myself. >> so am i. >> i cry at work at least once a week. >> we like to put in the girl movies and just cry. >> i enjoy a good cry. >> he can embrace it too. he makes fun of it. >> it was refreshing. >> nice to shed a tear from time to time. some people might shed a tear about take two. black friday creep. walmart and some of the nation's largest retailers starting black friday at 8:00 p.m. on thursday aka thanksgiving day. >> yeah. >> sears says it will do the same thing. this trend is called black friday creep and stores say earlier store openings are coming from customers.
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that is their feedback. they want to go out and shop earlier, get to bed earlier. >> get away from the family earlier. >> i don't know what it is. >> the women want to get away from the football watching. >> some people think come on. it is the one day of the year stores are closed and they can hang out with their family. look what happens when you wait until morning. >> shoppers have a choice. i feel bad for the workers. the folks who work at the stores. the pressure to have to give up their thanksgiving to be there for folks to do this. >> our economy needs the boost so it's maybe good. >> black friday, now black thursday, these sales are available online. you don't have to enter a stampede. >> right. >> you could go to your computer. and then go back and be with family for thanksgiving. >> i know people who do the black friday shopping. that is their family thing. they do it together. >> there are good deals. my parents do it and wow. that was dirt cheap. >> who needed the dirt? >> exactly. >> all right. we'll see. last year i think there were
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stores that opened at midnight. now we've got 8:00. i guess next year it'll be open all day. >> i say sit down and enjoy another piece of pumpkin pie. left over turkey. have fun with the family. okay. take three. you've got to be kidding. what does a heavy metal band and a 6-year-old girl have in common? take a look at this video and see for yourself. it's created by fugly maniacs on youtube and apparently pits a sound check by the heavy metal band skeleton witch against a 6-year-old girl who she more than holds her own. watch this. >> wow. >> okay. a little freaky. kind of scaring me a little bit.
9:13 am
wlos idea was this? >> that one might be on the parents for playing skeleton witch to a 6-year-old. >> we want to say if you have some fun videos of your kids, things you've done with them as well we want you to post them to our website and we'll show you those in our take three going forward. our bonus take, finger portraits. sometimes you think you can't put your finger on it. this guy puts something on his finger. it's great. he's an italian artist. he creates famous figures all captured on the tip of a forefinger. >> wow. >> kiss, dalai lama. >> wow. >> dr. spock. >> my goodness. >> amazing. >> brilliant. >> actually he did three of us. willie, he didn't have a chance to do you. >> i take no offense. >> we got to savannah. natalie and myself. >> let's see it. >> oh, wow. >> savannah. that's pretty good. >> very good. >> really good. >> oh, wow. >> that's perfect.
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>> great. and natalie. that is fantastic. >> hold on. i got a finger for you. >> coming up next we've got great steals and deals on more than 75% off right after this. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my way [ female announcer ] philadelphia cooking creme. a simple way to make dinner fresh and new again. creamy philadelphia along with savory herbs and spices. just stir it in. ♪ now it only takes a moment to make the moment. ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ [ nyquil bottle ] just reading your label. relieve nasal congestion? sure don't you? [ nyquil bottle ] dude! [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't.
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all day and all night. and with new prevacid24hr perks, you can earn rewards from dinner deals to music downloads for purchasing prevacid24hr. prevent acid all day and all night for 24 hours with prevacid24hr. time for our popular series "jill's steals and deals" with deeply discounted prices. jill martin is back to take us through some great deals this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> okay. first up starting to get a little cold outside. a perfect time to put on one of these jackets. >> right. >> from kenneth cole. >> look how great these are. these are only four of the styles. we have nine total. the retail $195 to $345. you see in a lot of them there's vests that you can take out and so you just have the jacket depending on the weather like today. >> it looks like for men or women. >> right. four men's styles five women's
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styles. in a variety of colors. you see right here there is a detachable hood, down jackets, pea coats. check on the website. we have a description for each. the retail $195 to $345. the deals $59 to $79. that's up to 77% off. >> perfect. next, beauty packages from wish. these smell so good. >> these are great. the retail $85. they're offering the best selling vanilla spice set, limited holiday edition. each set includes six ounces of organic products. the vanilla spice body wash, the shave cream, sugar scrub, and the body butter. now it's big with celebrities. ashley olsen, selena gomez, the retail $85. the deal $19.50. that's 77% off. >> great teachers gifts. >> yes. i love this. it comes in this box. >> fantastic. okay. also another good gift. gloves from iso toner. these are perfect because they have the fingers so you can work your gadgets. >> when i was coming in today people were already sleeping
9:19 am
outside for one direction so they can use these. >> right. >> they also have -- >> can you believe they're outside four days ahead? >> i know. they have the smart touch so you can use them on most of your gadgets. the retail is $44 to $45. this is the new, improved 2.0 gloves for men and women. the thumb, index, and the middle finger are embroidered with a conductive thread that allows you to use your touch screen. the men's gloves come in black. the women's colors here, how much fun. >> great. >> five bright colors. retail $44 the deal $13.50 up to 70% off. >> fantastic. >> send them outside after this. >> 'tis the season to start ordering your christmas cards. you have a great deal for us from their gift certificates for personalized holiday cards from the stationary studio. >> the retail $72 for 24 cards. logon to we'll bring you. you get this e certificate. this is redeemable from november 9th to december 31st.
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you upload your photo then get the blank envelopes and they'll ship it so you can use it for holiday cards, new year's cards. you go on and print out the certificate and then you can use it from november 9th to december 31st. for a little extra you can even get your address personalized on the back of the envelope. you have that option. the retail $72. the deal $21.60. >> for 72 cards. >> for 24 cards personalized with the envelopes. >> okay. >> that is 70% off. >> amazing. great deal. okay. and then last but not least, great jewelry. we're seeing you modeling it for us right there. i love it. >> if you can see them on me, i'm actually wearing them. anything you have you can layer them also. and this is a great gift because look how they come packaged. >> beautiful. >> the retail $192. now they're diamonds on silver approximately five millimeters. the cord is 100% cotton. these are amazing gifts. everyone was walking by and said
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i love them. >> the moon, the star, the tear drop. a heart. >> just beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> retail $192 the deal $48. that is 75% off. >> fantastic. they'll fly. jill martin, as always, thanks so much. again the products to remind you jackets from kenneth cole, beauty pack from whish, gloves from iso toner, the cards from stationery studio and last but not least the necklace. if you have any questions about these products or past orders go to our website and look under steals and deals. coming up we're taking an open house tour of beautiful homes across the country but first these messages. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can.
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we test-drove the camry, took it on the freeway, and it was just like -- this was the car for me. [ ryan ] it has stuff that guys like, like the rims and the sleekness to the body. and, then, had the bluetooth and the navigation that diana really wanted. [ diana ] and it was an se, so it felt really grounded to the ground. [ man ] grounded to the ground? yes, yes! grounded to the ground. [ male announcer ] see their story and more at the camry effect. camry. from toyota. coming up do it yourself thanksgiving projects. >> and a little house hunting with barbara corcoran. >> plus hiding purchases from your spouse? we'll help you get a handle on financial infidelity after your local news. ♪ ♪
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> the nor'easter is moving out to sea. nice weather until this next storm comes in. that is next week. today it looks great, lots of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-to- upper-fifties and less windy. going into the weekend, even better.
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♪ that is singing sensation susan boyle, whose incredible voice captivated the world a few years ago. now she is out with a new cd and she will be performing live in our studio. that's monday only on "today." >> that is pretty cool. >> i love her. >> all right. coming up we'll be doing some house hunting with barbara corcoran who is going to take us on an open house tour of beautiful homes under $400,000. >> i'm sorry. i'm distracted with the pie on a
9:31 am
stick. >> one of our segments coming up. >> then are you honest about money? nearly 50% of people polled admitted to lying to their partner about where and how they spend their money. some experts say financial cheating can be just as harmful as physical cheating. we'll have advice on avoiding financial infidelity. >> hiding things in the closet or the trunk of the car. >> guilty? >> bad? i'm just asking. >> just asking. plus from your table setting to the perfect hostess gifts and yes to pie on the stick we've got easy do it yourself ideas to add your personal style to thanksgiving. come on. al, you know you want this. >> i like pie. >> go ahead. >> erica hill is here. >> just in time for pie on a stick. >> you came at the right time. >> i did. >> pumpkin? >> good. all right. >> do your thing. we'll eat pie on a stick. >> we usually don't have pie on a stick this weekend but we have lots of other good stuff. you can eat your pie while you watch. the presidential election as you know is now over so the big question is now what? we'll look at some of the challenges facing president obama in a second term and also
9:32 am
turn our attention to how his daughters are coming of age in the white house. and then nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy hit the east coast one popular new york city landmark tries to put the pieces back together after being devastated by the storm's flood waters. plus how much is too much? we'll check out how some lives are being turned upside down because of internet addiction. all that and more this weekend on "today." >> you want to try it too? >> i do want to try it. >> communal. >> it's a winner all around. >> pretty good. just have to watch out for the stick. >> i approve. >> pumpkin. yum. al, check of the weather for the weekend? >> great weather. you can maybe have chicken pot pie on the stick. >> oh, now we're talking. >> ooh. >> we're looking at snow from the northern plains all the way down into the southwest. risk of some strong storms in the mid mississippi river valley. eastern third of the country looking good down into the gulf. sunday, we're looking for more rough weather down through the lower mississippi river valley. rain changing over to snow in the upper mississippi river
9:33 am
valley. another storm comes into the pacific northwest and we're looking for a warming trend with plenty of sunshine along the >> good morning. it will be a beautiful day today. mostly sunny skies expected. >> wow. you know, this would be good to sit in front of the tv on a sunday night and get ready for the greatest night of the week. that's sunday night, football night in america. and this as good one. maybe a preview of the super bowl to come. the houston texans come in.
9:34 am
will they get mauled by the bears? soldier field. they ain't got no stinking roof. showers, storms, heavy rain likely. upper 50s. that's all on sunday night, football night in america. don't bring pie. it'll get wet. >> you're scaring erica. she just started. she is planning to leave. >> oh, my. what could be more american than football and pie on a stick. >> the best. >> all right, erica. we'll see you this weekend. al thank you. we'll see you up next, al. real estate you can get for $400,000 or less. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread?
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100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little joy... [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream. that's what makes philadelphia. ♪ so spread a little... [ female announcer ] and that's what makes the moment we enjoy it, a little richer. ♪ real belgian chocolate whipped with philadelphia cream cheese. new indulgence. the moment just got a little sweeter. this morning on "today's real estate" homes across the country for under $400,000. our own real estate contributor barbara corcoran. >> good morning al. we missed you. >> i missed you, too. let's get started in the south. peach tree city, georgia, a nice
9:38 am
six-bedroom, traditional brick. >> this is a house with a big front yard and peachtree city is a planned golf cart community right in the middle of the big georgia countryside. kids there get to drive around instead of on bikes on these little golf carts. it's a good thing. there are two lakes, three golf courses, shopping centers, schools, and 90 miles of golf cart paths. the family room has gleaming wood floors, pane windows, french doors, a marble fireplace. what a pretty room that is. nice and large. the open kitchen has granite counters, blonde wood cabinets and built-ins with a breakfast bar that ajoins the sunny, casual dining area. that's a comfortable home. the master bedroom is a little edgy with the tray ceiling you'll see in just a moment. we're back in the kitchen. i'm sorry. >> now back in the bedroom. >> there is the bedroom. there is a nice bedroom. i think i'll move off that. the living room is also very pretty. i think it's not in keeping with
9:39 am
the rest of the house. >> hum. >> almost looks like they are waiting for a queen to visit. very proper. >> let's lead to oklahoma city. this is an american four square. i know four square is a big internet thing. >> in a house it's simply four, big, boxy rooms on two different levels. what is great is it really replaced the victorian style in the late 1890s. people were tired of tiny little choppy rooms. this one has great interior space. very popular. it kind of took everybody by storm and you could even order it from the old sears catalog this type of house back then. this house has hardwood floors, crown mouldings, detailed door frames and a fireplace. the updated kitchen is a little too white for me. the floors should be wood. it is just too bright. but it has a back splash and butler's pantry. there is a huge formal dining room with extra wide base boards, french doors that lead back out to the deck. a huge room. look at the size of that thing. the bedrooms are large enough to be painted brown which you
9:40 am
usually can't get away with and they have plenty of closets which is a rare thing in a turn of the century home. i love the wood deck out back. they have a carriage house out there which is a fancy name for a garage but they converted it to an entertaining area. imagine telling your kids you're punished. go out to the back yard and watch tv. >> table and chairs. cool. all right. now i don't remember us having a house in hawaii. but this is pretty cool. $379,000. >> we had a house a long time ago in hawaii but it wasn't quite as pretty as this one. they're hard to find. i'm always looking. this is an architect designed home and it sits on two big landscaped acres. the charm of this house is the location. surrounded by a forest. so you have no neighbors looking in at you. the interior has wall-to-beam ceilings and tile floors. the master bedroom and bath are connected to the main house with a beautifully covered lanai. great flowers throughout the entire yard. the kitchen has maple cabinets with black granite counters and passthrough to the breakfast area. you can see how big the space is
9:41 am
looking on the right-hand side. there is a round pool out back. i would plunk you in and have you soak all day. seems appropriate for you. and there's outside a prop call paradise. you get a feel for the landscaping. you have total privacy. this is a paradise. just what people think about when they think of hawaii. >> not quite sure about the last comment. let's go to westfield, indiana. got a nice two story brick house. >> very good. this is a very different style of house. it's really just the kind of house most people say oh, it's an american dream house. it's like what everybody thinks of as making it big. it has a dramatic, two story great room with stacked stone fire place. you can eat off the wood floors when you see the next room here because the kitchen and the dining room is so meticulous you almost want to go bowling or something. are those real floors? the big master bedroom has a tray ceiling with enough room for a generous sitting area. i sure hope there is a big tv screen we can't see in the shot. why would they put that in the middle? i don't get it. a screen porch overlooking the lake out back. the big back yard matches the
9:42 am
house with lots of room for the kids to play. what a lovely house. perfect condition. >> all right. barbara corcoran, always great to see you. >> pleasure to be back. still ahead how to avoid financial infidelity. that and more. right after these messages. e yo. you, too! oh, cloudy glasses. you didn't have to come over! actually, honey, i think i did... oh? you did? whoa, ladies, easy. hi. cascade kitchen counselor. we can help avoid this with cascade complete pacs. over time, the other premium pac can leave cloudy, hard water deposits, but cascade complete pacs help leave glasses sparkling. shiny! too bad it doesn't work on windows. . [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. 100% mmm... wow, that is mmm... test it is so good.
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money" financial infidelity. lying about money can destroy a relationship. how can you make sure you and your spouse are on solid ground? our guest is a relationship expert and we have today's financial editor. good morning to you both. money is an uncomfortable topic to begin with and it seems like the less we talk about it the more problems you have. >> sure. we don't talk about it because it's the truth. you know, it's the one thing in a relationship that can quantify what else is going on in the relationship. >> so how big a deal is financial infidelity? is it a real problem? >> it is a real deal. we know money causes more divorces than anything else and it is when the lives get really big that it leads people down that track especially when it has to do with debt. >> let's look at our facebook page. people are saying, i don't do it on big purchases. i do scale back the number a little if it's just a fun shopping trip. brandy says i ask for money for one thing and spend it on other things. i'm guilty. he always eventually finds out. doesn't he always find out in
9:47 am
the end anyway? >> yeah, but you know these are not that big of a deal. it's like licking some frosting instead of eating the cake. put everything into perspective here. >> you're all for financial infidelity is what i'm getting. >> i am not so against it i got to say just because, listen. this is a response to the truth of the relationship. the truth of the relationship is you guys are not communicating. you goo not have everything in tow. if you're not in a trusting relationship this is what happens. >> the problem with money is it becomes a rabbit hole. you take out one pay day loan and then for whatever reason you can't pay it back so you take a out another and you didn't tell your spouse about the first one so all of a sudden you've got massive debt or you over spent and now you have to cop to something really big. couples are much better off if they can lay some ground rules. >> sure. >> to begin with. >> for sure. >> we did a survey that showed 70% of women and 63% of men think cheating is cheating whether it's financial or sexual you're still cheating on me. do you agree?
9:48 am
>> i think the zipper trumps the wallet. always. you know? >> that is the sound bite of the day. >> we'll stitch that on to a pillow. >> but actually even one of my twitter followers was telling me that he had -- his wife put him in a hundred thousand dollars worth of debt. it's still stealing from him. and yet because she didn't sleep with another man he is staying with her. >> let's get to your tips on how to fix this. you both have some. fixing financial infidelity. you say planned independence and agree on a line in the sand. >> just because you marry somebody doesn't mean you want the same things. it doesn't make you the same person. i like shoes. he likes iphones or ipods or whatever. so give yourself a certain amount of money that you can spend every month without asking permission. then you don't have to lie. >> do you like the idea of separate bank accounts? >> i love the idea of separate bank accounts and one for the house because i think we each need to be able to remain a little bit independent in case something goes wrong with the marriage so that then we know how to handle our own money.
9:49 am
>> your say renegotiate. what do you mean by that? >> yeah. you know, the economics of your family is going to change. so if the money all goes down, she does not have to stop getting her manicures and pedicures if he is going out getting all the technology. if one suffers we all suffer. >> how about disclosure? >> what do you earn? what do you snoen what do you owe? those are the three things you have to share before you get married but also things you have to share along the way. once a month, once a week, whatever you decide your schedule is going to be. give yourselves five minutes and just talk about it. >> all right. the big takeaway here the zipper trumps the wallet. >> yes. >> words of wisdom. >> that is true. >> absolutely. leave your zippers up, gentlemen. >> with that, we'll go. thanks so much, ladies. up next creative ideas to make this thanksgiving one to remember. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
planning the turkey, dressing, and all the fixings for thanksgiving is a given but if you're looking to make a real statement with your food and decor we have the author of cupcakes and cashmere here with good ideas. good morning, emily. we love having you here. you're already a big hit with your pumpkin pie pops. these are actually incredible. you put them on a stick. an amazing way to wow your guests. it wowed all of us here in the studio. >> these are really simple. it's fun. it's essentially a miniature pie on a stick. you start the same way you would with regular pie. we have the regular dough. it's rolled out. instead you take a cookie cutter or anything that's pretty small so it'll stay on the stick. we have some here that are all set. then you just take your stick. place it in the middle. make sure it's really stuck in there. then add any filling you like. here we have a classic pumpkin
9:53 am
pie filling. add a little dollop, about a tablespoon right into the middle. then add the other side. secure it down. >> a little egg wash on the side to keep it together. >> exactly. add a little egg wash. stick this inhe oven at 375 for about 20 minutes. here we have some as you can see that are done. >> can you do it with other, like can you make a blueberry pie, apple pie? >> you can do any filling that you like which really makes these versatile and fun. >> make it a little thicker perhaps. >> exactly. corn starch will thicken it up. >> over here are infused alcohol drinks, right? >> yes. >> how do you do this? >> this is a fun alternative to simply bringing wine. there are endless varieties that you can make. today we are doing a cranberry ginger rum. so what you need are some cranberries, rum, crystalized ginger, sugar, and water. we already have the sugar in there. we have just some cranberries. we're making a syrup here. what we want to do is just kind
9:54 am
of add the ginger actually at the end. so first we'll just be doing the syrup. here we have the syrup. you just want to get the sugar to dissolve and then have the cranberries really open up. once the syrup is done, cooled, you add it to a jar with the crystalized ginger at this point and the rum. you'll seal it up and put it in a cool, dry place for about three to five days. you can give it a little shake to get all the flavors going. and then you want to just strain it. i like to put them in cute little bottles like this and here's the final product. again, a bunch of different varieties. >> beautiful. >> here we have two with vodka. one is a lemon and sage. the other is a vanilla and cinnamon. >> amazing. i love that idea. so personal. spiced nuts another great thing to have as maybe a party treat, a gift bag at the table. >> exactly. >> how do you go about making these? >> these are really simple. again, all about the flavors that you prefer. >> right. >> you start with just a selection of nuts and then add different elements so if you want some sugar, a little sweet,
9:55 am
some brown sugar, a little spicy you can do some chile powder or cayenne pepper and an herbal element like rosemary or thyme is great. mix it up, throw it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes. >> you have some liquid here. >> you want to add some, you can do apple cider or vegetable oil and then once they're done they turn into the great little bags once they're cooled. we have natalie's here, all of these others with your name tags on these. >> willie is back to the pie on the stick. >> his might be at the table. he is all set. >> tell me about this gorgeous place setting. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> kathie lee and hoda coming up after your local news. [ male announcer ] connoisseurs of flavor.
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